Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

San Juanico

Puerto Chicama inverted? 
-no, it's pt 3 @ Scorpion Bay

Access from to south to San Juanico.

Welcome to pt 3.

Our camp @ pt 1.

A very small day @ pt 3.

Making pizza with the pt 1 crew.

Keith and Erin were able to supply us with a solar panel!
Finally, when there was an ice shortage we weren't
affected anymore.

Also here, we didn't have to wait long for the 
next adventure...

... the next     S U P E R  M O O N!

I must admit, I was pretty anxious to get out of this.
But we managed just fine!

The following days we decided to camp in
front of Pat's place. 
Murphey didn't enjoy the toe wiggling though...

Scott preparing the catch of the day.

Sr. Pelican didn't want to finish his part.

One of the numerous beautiful sun sets.
Andi preparing dinner on the cliffs in front
of pt 3. 

Early morning surf check.

Daily view from the van.

Some scenery shots.

Party wave before the engagement wave :)

Agility dog rippin!

Our last evening in great company @ punto uno.

Bye-bye Scorpion bay. Apparently the palapas
were gone a couple of days later :(

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