Montag, 10. November 2014

Baja California South, Nine Palms, La Paz, Todos Santos

Welcome to Baja!

What a great surprise; we were aloud to sleep in the van on the boat.

Our warm welcome to the peninsula.

On our way to the Sea of Cortez.
First break for hot Eugene -sorry couldn't find a
better tree...

Second break. No tree for shade.

After a long hot day. All of us cooling down in the
RV park.

Our next amazing break -Nine palms-

After a morning of snorkling the Cabo Pulmo reef
we're enjoying a couple of these...

Our house after the storm.

Back to typical surf-van lifestyle...

... Andi getting ready for business.

Good-bye east cape! What an amazing place.

Us in Cabo San Lucas clearing up the termite invasion.

Early morning in San Juan del Cabo.

Andi's moon photography on the cliffs of Cerritos.

Short visit to the cute town of Todos Santos before 
heading to the next spot...

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