Montag, 10. November 2014

Rio Nexpa, Maruata, La Ticla

Huge waves and good times in Michoacan...

Also see these guys. We shared the Michoacan

A couple of days later the river will have made its' 
way through here.

Looking pretty tame- still!

Good times and delicious...

... authentic paella. Thanks Chechu and Fe!

Our last bbq on the beach while the water is getting 
very close...

Once the rain passed and the roads weren't blocked
anymore the drive could continue.

Gorgeous scenery and amazing waves all along 
the shore of Michoacan...

Until we reach Maruata, the most beautiful beach
in Michoacan (all of the coast is stunning here, but
Maruata is special)

We went to go check out the fountain from up close. 

2 small coves and 1 big one, all in between incredible
rock formations.

"El dedo de dios"

Andi climbed on top of some rocks to get this shot-
Luckily he wasn't swept away.

Getting ready to move on to the next place.

Sunset over la Ticla.
We didn't really have a choice- laundry desperately 
needed to be done.

Chechu giving us fishing lessons with the hand 
fishing line- fishing Mexican style...

... but we already failed looking for the bait.

Me dropping into a fun wave.

Andi having fun.

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